About Us

We have worked closely with cats for the last 7 years as the only purebred Neva Masquerade Siberian cat breeder in South Africa.

Our cattery has grown from strength to strength and is on par with the best cat breeders in the world. Our very own King of our cattery Nikolai (better known as Triple Supreme Champion Neva Angels Despicable Me of Cobaltorino, NQ) was crowned Top Cat South Africa in 2018, one of his many accolades in the cat show world.

In our nursery we raise beautiful Neva Masquerade Siberians from ancient and pure bloodlines. These cats and kittens make the perfect pet for every person simply due to their amazing character. They are good with young children learning kindness and gentleness to animals, teens needing the love and responsibility a pet provides, students needing a study buddy, newly-wed couples not yet ready for a human baby but happy to spoil a furbaby, young families bonding with each other and older people needing companionship. They are also wonderful as therapy cats for people with special needs.

Being so attached to these incredible creatures, and being up close and personal with them, as is necessary when you raise them as a breeder, has taught us exactly what cats need for their health and wellbeing. Cobalt Pets evolved as a natural progression from the love and care we give to our own cats. Every pet deserves to have the basic essentials to have a happy life. Our experience in pet care and the care of cats in particular has taught us exactly what every cat needs to be content. The products we use are tried and tested by our own group of diverse cat personalities that live in our home and cattery. This is what works! These are the products that are endorsed by our own cats, offer value for money and are approved and recommended by us. 

We offer the best nutrition and foods designed to keep your cat in perfect health and fighting fit. We have sourced the best toys to keep your pet enriched, mentally and physically stimulated and stress-free.
From cat essentials like litter, litterboxes, food bowls, pet furniture, bedding, and every item that contributes to the comfort of your pet we have it sorted!

Cobalt Pets is also the best place for our newly homed kittens to still receive all the care and consideration that they are accustomed to. Our new kitten owners may sometimes not know where to begin when it comes to providing the items their new addition to the family needs. Instead of hunting from one pet store to the next, sifting through a multitude of options that may or may not work, all the guesswork is now taken out of your pet shopping. We have sourced exactly what you need at the best price and perfectly suited to your cat's needs. We care about your kitten as we have raised him or her from birth. Once you have one of our babies you become a member of the Cobaltorino family forever. 
As such only the best quality will suffice for your cat.

We would love to continue the work we do in raising such special creatures and every bit of support from our extended Cobaltorino family is appreciated. 
We offer new kitten starter packs for our Cobaltorino graduates to help them settle happily into their new homes with the  items they already know and use. Good quality and attention to detail make our store the best stop for your kitten shopping needs.
New kitten owners can also opt for recurring food and litter orders delivered to their homes. Most of our kitten buyers use this option which gives them one less thing to worry about. The support we receive means a lot to us and as such we guarantee that if they find the same food anywhere else we will match their price.

From a brand new kitten to an older beloved pet that is more like a family member you can now find everything in one place to suit their needs.

Shop safely online and have world class pet products delivered to your door.

Sincerely with our love and care
Faaiza Carrim
Director: Cobalt Pets (Pty) Ltd
Felinologist and breeder: Cobaltorino Neva Masquerade Siberians